It is extremely important to keep your employees motivated and offer them a chance to learn something new and develop their skills. Ocean System assists organizations in creating and sustaining a better-trained workforce who in turn will enhance productivity.

Our training objective is three fold names:

  • Assist employers in making effective hiring decisions.
  • Help educators and trainers evolve robust training modules with innovative methodologies.
  • Ensure that employees are equipped with appropriate skills and knowledge.

Our training programs are customized as per your needs. We offer training programs for both new employees and seasoned performers.

Our clientele comprises of companies, educational institutions and individuals. Training programs cover a wide range of topics like – Soft Skills, Accent Training, Specialized IT courses and much more. We also offer a wide range of training programs for individuals.

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A.       Training to Education Institution

With the job market getting narrower, employers are being extremely selective in the fresher market.

Staying on top of the ever changing industry standards can be tough. While a college degree gives the right qualification to a student, it most often may not help him get the right job. Ocean’s Training service offers career skills training for students at affordable cost.

We understand employers. We know by experience, what an organization looks for in a candidate.

We bring this experience to our training programs for campuses. Our training modules have been designed to ensure that every student gets intellectually and professionally styled to suit the requirements in the job market.

For today’s increasingly competitive job market, has designed exclusive courses for students from different IT backgrounds such as BE/ Batch./ MCA/ B.Sc.(IT) which offer the right experience and build necessary skills. This leads to better career prospects in the booming IT industry.

IT professionals are required in all fields of work. With everything going digital, even the finance and accounting sector requires IT professionals to ensure smooth transaction of money across the world.

     How we work with students:

  • Assess the student’s capabilities and personality
  • Customize the training module to suit the student
  • Impart short term, intensive training programs that enhance  career & employability skills
  • Make him ready to win his dream job
  • Post training phase e-learning / e-communities & periodic mentoring

 B.       Corporate Training

 Traditional methods of teaching are redundant and crop less productivity. We make your employees work on newest technology that is in demand. We groom your employees as a qualified technical resource.

Ocean System Corporate Training is a complete focus on success. We are one of the leading IT staff enhance company where we provide Industry exposure & Training Intergraded to deliver practical, sector specific corporate training. We can help you responsibility toward a specific certificate to fulfill an immediate need. We can also help you plan a long term strategy to move individuals up the accreditation ladder.

In Ocean System, we customize trainings as per your requirement and it can be delivered either at your location or at our center. Our Professionals help your employees in understanding core of technology and make them work on live scenarios.

In most of the organizations, preference is given to restart Servers to bring it back to production but they don’t give emphasis on identifying Root Cause. We are the only Training Provider in India who helps in identifying root cause analysis by analyzing crash dumps. Identifying root cause will help in identifying root cause will help in reducing outages and business continuity.

C.        Training for Government Enterprises

Ocean System’s Training service works closely with public sectors, State Governments and Central Government departments to help them address their workforce training needs. We provide exclusive skill development training programs that are customized to suit the requirements of the government agencies cost-effectively.

We understand the unique training requirements of Government enterprises at the state, central and local level. Our trainers have over a decade’s experience training government employees resulting in improved performances and higher productivity. We have successfully created content that carry patents.

Our training programs for Government Enterprises help:

  • Lower overall training costs
  • Help the candidates in developing their vocational skills
  • Reduce human capital required to handle training
  • Increase responsiveness that results in efficient management systems.